Secret Operations Group is the only military-oriented group in the country that is specifically built for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) minority men and women of color in the United States Armed Forces.

Since 2011, Secret Ops has grown from a handful of “agents” in the Nation’s Capital, to over 1400+ active duty, veteran and retired military service from all four military services, each involved in a local chapter which organizes and supports the group’s broader mission in their local communities.

We are led by a dynamic team of active and veteran military servicemembers, all whom have years of military leadership, and dedicated to the service of their fellow agents

OUR MISSION: To develop our members into men and women who succeed in being honored and accepted into society for who they are personally and professionally – LGBT minority service members and veterans and as leaders in their communities.

We provide and develop personal mentoring services for all of our members, providing development to each other, training our members to be a better member of society as a whole.

We will negate the reduce and negative the stereotypes of LGBT men & women of color by continuous involvment and participation in the communities that we serve as servicemembers and veterans.

We will identify and advocate the issues and causes our members feel to need focus on as a group, and work with community partners and other organizations to help advocate publicly for these issues.

We will continue to internally educate our members on issues that now plague the minority LGBT community such as HIV/AIDS awareness, discrimination, marriage equality.

We will continue to work with community partners and other organizations to help better our communities, better ourselves, and touch the lives of others.